5 Quirky Formations at Harrison’s Cave

10th Sep 2019

Most people casually say our formations are like ‘icicles’ and on occasion ‘daggers’. - but they’re so last week. Do you remember cloud-watching as a child and each cloud coming alive as it floated by? Well we’ve taken that up a notch at Harrison’s Cave, where each limestone formation looks like something whimsical! Let’s see if you agree with our favourite quirky interpretations of formations found at Barbados’ number one natural wonder!

The Village

Maybe one of the most popular formations in the cave is the village, which is basically a collection of miniature-people-sized stalagmites that congregate at what clearly must be the civic centre of their village. Mummy and daddy stalagmites and their kiddos are waiting for their photo opportunity when you stop by to visit. Be sure to wave when you pass!

The Altar

A little further on in the tram tour, a stop is made by two other formations surrounded by water, that with a bit of imagination, resemble the silhouettes of a man proposing to a special lady. This one has earned the name The Altar, and the whole fantasy is quite fitting as the bride-to-be - and well her beau - are both decked in white. We wonder if they’re also residents of the village.

The Great Hall

This takes a little less imagination and a lot of breath away, because as you enter this grand 50-foot high (that’s roughly 15 metres) cavern, its grandeur is quite understated and very unexpected. Funny enough, it is as majestic as it is - to be honest - creepy, due to its vacuum-like vastness and the ghostly shadows cast behind the dazzling number of formations. Let your imagination go for a minute and these shadows will jump to life!

Two for One: Folded Cloth and the Dragon

This is the first of two unofficial ones on today’s list. We recently posted a video of a tram tour through Harrison’s Cave, where our expert guide points out a pristine visual of folds of cloth.

However, in the same video (not to steal the cloth formation’s thunder, but…) one of the formations in the foreground on the right-hand side of the screen looked a lot like a dragon. While it’s more the dragon’s head and not its full body as you can see here, it’s pretty clear that it’s been peeking out at passersby for years, by we’ve simply overlooked it! Maybe we’ve only just noticed the resemblance due to a certain just-finished television series?

The Video Game Ghosts

Warning: This one may only be relatable to persons over a certain age! Besides stalactites and stalagmites, another prominent formation are milky white flowstones that are dead-ringers for the little ghostly tormentors in the legendary Pac Man games. With just a quick google search you’ll be compelled to agree!

So, keep your eyes peeled when you visit us next, and let us know what other formations you’ve spotted that we can add to this list!

Harrison’s Cave is a centuries-old natural ecosystem in the heart of Barbados surrounded by a rural community of amazing people. We invite you to explore our our neighbourhood and experience our signature tours and other possibilities on offer. Peruse our Tours & Rates section to find out more information about visiting Harrison’s Cave.