Four Reasons You Need the Cave This Summer…

30th Jul 2019

There’s no guessing where we’re going with this one since the title says it all. But, we’re almost positive that you just asked yourself - what could possibly make me trade in a beach day or a Crop Over event for a trip to Harrison’s Cave? Well, let’s introduce you to the top four reasons why you need to plan a visit to Harrison’s Cave this summer.

Something Fresh for the Kids

Parents, we got you, because summer camps and school groups get special rates every summer at the Cave! And this summer, we’ve launched the exciting Cook This, Sip That event which gives them - and you - the tools and expert guidance to flex their culinary muscles in the kitchen. There’s no doubt that now is the perfect time to capitalize by planning a group outing with the youngsters.

Perfect Crop Over Cooldown

Yes, Crop Over is amazing. Yes, it is the sweetest summer festival. But, believe it or not some of us need a distraction - or a retreat - from the infectious Crop Over vibe. If you’re this person, then our tried and true signature tram tour is your therapy. Or book a romantic - or friendly… or family - walking tour and ease into a more serene ambiance. And, you don’t have to rush off afterwards. Sit around in the valley floor and have a refreshing drink at the bar.

What we mean when we say serene ambiance.

Sip and Paint… and Tour

Girlfriends, couples, friends - attention please! The popular sip and paint concept is now on at the Caves this summer. Every Saturday until the end of August, Harrison’s Cave is the place to be at noon for the Paradise Sip & Paint, which is the usual fun of a sip and paint plus a relaxing and very Insta-ready cave experience.

New Hike, Who This?

The Eco-Adventure Tour isn’t the only hike on offer...

But, if you thought that was all that’s new at the Caves, think again. From this summer, you’ll be able to hike below and above ground at Harrison’s Cave. In addition to our awesome Eco Adventure Tour, we’ll be unveiling our Jack-in-the-Box Gully Hike from August 10. Stay tuned for more information on the gully tour, but feel free to make early bookings!

Harrison’s Cave is a centuries-old natural ecosystem in the heart of Barbados surrounded by a rural community of amazing people. We invite you to explore our neighbourhood and experience our signature tours and other possibilities on offer. Peruse our Tours & Rates section to find out more information about visiting Harrison’s Cave.