Happy Retirement Veronica and Colin!

10th Sep 2019

Quite recently, our daily routines were put on hold at Harrison’s Cave to celebrate a heartfelt moment with two very special members of staff.

June 28, 2019, as the gathering grew, the music piped and the mood lightened, Veronica Jonas and Colin Springer officially entered into retirement, closing a combined five-decade chapter in the Harrison’s Cave teams’ history.

Known for most of their professional lives as proud ambassadors of Barbados’ premier natural attraction, Veronica and Colin momentously bade farewell to the place that became their home away from home for a respective 39 and 22 years - yes 39 and 22 years on the job.

Veronica’s last role at the cave was that of caretaker, and she did her job with a pleasure and pride that most considered a rarity. She explained that while it seems cliché, she genuinely enjoyed her work, and building relationships with her colleagues and visitors were two things she looked forward to on a daily basis.

For those she leaves behind, Veronica is most remembered as a very helpful soul, and she often took it upon herself to assist anyone wherever she could.

Fellow retiree Colin also shares a very similar take to his tenure at Harrison’s Cave as Veronica. Leaving his final post as a cave ranger, Colin confided that he will miss his daily interactions with visitors. Meeting new people or just being able to guide and help them along their Harrison’s Cave experience is something he will reminisce about for many years to come.

Colin’s stance on life has always been based on fairness, and he was never shy to stand up for what he believes is right. But, he was also never too busy to share a passing joke when on downtime with his colleagues.

We will miss them both dearly, but we will also have the red carpet ready to roll out for them if they return to relax. So, to Veronica and Colin, we wish you the best of health and unlimited relaxation and enjoyment during your retirement!