Harrison’s Cave has a blog?!

Yes - Harrison's Cave has a blog, and how cool is it to be reading the very first words to ever be published on the blog?

13th Jun 2019

Welcome one and all to the latest information hub of Harrison’s Cave - The Monkey Tale blog. Here, we hope to colour the Harrison’s Cave - and Barbados - experience as beautifully as possible, both for those who may be miles away from our shores or our fellow Barbadians who are just very tied up in the hustle and bustle of their daily routines.

So, get ready for us to engage you on topics that we hold near and dear to our hearts. In addition to creating a space for everything leisure and lifestyle-oriented – and a bit of news here and there - we will also create a voice for Mother Nature, our community, our beautiful Barbados, and some of our favourite people in our neighbourhood - and beyond - who are long due recognition for their awesomeness.


We hope to stir your whimsy and curiosity with captivating photos, video and everything else that will breathe life into each and every topic. So, don’t forget to look out for new blogs every two weeks!

We hope that this blog becomes as endearing to you as Harrison’s Cave itself, and we invite you to enjoy and explore it all at your leisure. Unearth the fun, unearth the love, unearth the adventure!


The Monkey Tale Blogger