It’s About Hike Time

10th Sep 2019
Hikers!! How cool would it be to have the option to hike both above and below ground at one location? Well… hello, and welcome to Harrison’s Cave Barbados! On Saturday August 10, 2019, the pilot run of Barbados’ newest hike - the Jack-in-the-Box gully hike - took place to a full house, and by all accounts it’s pretty darn exciting.

Before we even start to tell you about how cool the newest hike is, just remember that comfortable shoes, breathable and protective clothing (preferably some form of long pants) and a chilled bottle of water and paying close attention during the hike brief are musts. We were also reminded that the pilot run was a looping course due to final touches being made (the final route of the official hike is linear.)

Anyway… Gabriel, Peter, Jason, Carl and Shawn and the newest member of the team Brandon were the designated guides for the day, and Jason briefed the gathering on the gully environment and climate. ‘It’s moist, slippery, humid at some points,’ he said, but what he didn’t mention was the gorgeous streams of sunshine that filter through the leaves onto the gully floor. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The trek started at its entrance on the valley floor, but it was later explained that there will also be a second hike option where hikers would be shuttled to a location in Jack-in-the-Box gully to begin the journey. As we entered the wild, our super-chill guides pointed out indigenous vegetation, their historic uses as well as structural proof that gullies were once caves. Oh, and be sure to ask Jason or any of the guys about ‘gully babies’… we won’t touch that one here.

So, we made our way over varying terrain - sometimes dense, sometimes undulating - with periodic assistance from ropes when descending at certain points.

Ultimately, we turned around and made our way back along the same path we came. Afterwards, the hikers indulged in some crazy delicious fish cakes, breadfruit bowls and local fruit juices, and the talk was that the guides are very informative and entertaining and based on all feedback, the hike it is not too challenging at all.

Starting September, the Jack-in-the-Box Gully hike can be booked as one of Harrison’s Cave’s tours, and unlike its sister Eco-Adventure Tour, is presently opened for all ages - well, as long as they’re physically capable anyway.

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