Nature Faves to Explore in Barbados

29th Oct 2019

What else is a nature-lover to do in Barbados besides Harrison’s Cave? In case you’re that perplexed nature-lover, here are a few of our favourite spots across Barbados where you can reconnect with nature…

Farley Hill

Driving through this beautiful national park gives a feeling of meandering through an enchanted forest straight out of a fairytale. The access road winds below a canopy of mahogany, bay leaf and other decades-old trees, which ad to its cool, breezy ambiance. The park is the perfect panoramic picnic spot, and a serene ambiance that will surely appeal to yoga and meditation enthusiasts. But it is also perfect for a family outing, thanks to its playpark.

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

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On the southwest, we love Browne’s Beach for early morning jogs and beach tennis, Pebbles Beach for its beautiful view of Carlisle Bay, and Brandons Beach is perfect for cruise ship passengers. On the ritzy Platinum Coast, many of our visitors adore Gibbes Beach for its privacy, and Sandy Lane beach is the perfect spot to ‘stargaze’ - i.e. there is a high chance you will see a celebrity or two. Now, maybe you’re thinking that the west coast is the best coast, but the contrasting east coast does not lack for fabulousness. Craggy hills, the sound of crashing waves, surfing, picnicking and tide pooling (if that’s a thing) are superb on the East Coast. Oh yes, and there’s always a sleepy atmosphere that calms you right down to perfect Zen.

Many Gardens to Choose From

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Obviously, Mother Nature has gifted us with more than beautiful beaches. There are many natural non-beachside retreats, namely the gorgeous gardens at Hunte’s Gardens, which is set in a self-described ‘hemispherical sinkhole’ in Coffee Gully; the colourful flora with calming pond at Andromeda Botanic Gardens; and, six acres of stunning orchids and other verdant delights at Orchid World and Tropical Flower Garden.

Our Neighbour

And last but not least, and right in our backyard, you’ll find Welchman Hall Gully, a kind-of sister attraction to the Caves that creates the popular St. Thomas nature duo. It’s a beautiful eco-system within a collapsed cave, complete with lush vegetation, resident troupes of monkeys and a wandering tortoise here and there. Did we mention it’s the birthplace of the grapefruit?

Harrison’s Cave is a centuries-old natural ecosystem in the heart of Barbados surrounded by a rural community of amazing people. We invite you to explore our our neighbourhood and experience our signature tours and other possibilities on offer. Peruse our Tours & Rates section to find out more information about visiting Harrison’s Cave.