Reminder: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

24th Oct 2019

#GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #EnvironmentActivists

Mother Nature’s health is at a critical level, and we are not here to play. As a natural eco system, Harrison’s Cave is not immune to the effects of global pollution, and while we have only experienced minor effects of the bigger problem, we must be proactive in helping to heal the earth. Therefore, we’ve decided to issue a gentle reminder of some simple, seemingly forgotten tips that can be integrated into our everyday lives.


These are the simplest considerations to include in our daily lives. Reduce the amount of paper used at home and at the office: print double sided documents, staple damaged or old print sheets together to make a jotting pad and opt for electronic circulars instead of printed fliers. Carpool more and plan your outings and errand runs in a more fuel-efficient way. And, forego any disposable cups (and yes, we’re including paper cups here) at the water cooler and use your coffee mug - an added value is the water stays chilled longer!

Jam jars are perfect for reusing as storage...


Millenials have embraced repurposing and upcycling as their favourite ways to reuse. Start by taking an inventory of all the unused items around your home and office and reconsider them for an alternative use. Reuse old items such as jars and shoeboxes versus buying new plastic storage containers. Tie old clothes into thick knots or cut into strips to make one-of-a-kind pet toys; or, take the handle off an old pot to have a nifty dog bowl. And any old wooden furniture may be reused in its original state or deconstructed for material for other DIY projects.

Preservation begins at home. Create a habit of separating your refuse.


Now this is the powerhouse of the three Rs. While the actual act of recycling is an industrial process of converting waste products back to raw materials that are used to make new items, the process really begins with us on an individual level. Recycling starts when we make the conscious decision to purchase recyclable and environmentally friendly products, and when we take the time to sort and recycle items found around your home, school or work. But recycling is not just about glass, plastic bottles and paper, so it is always a good idea to reach out to recycling facilities to see what other material, organic and chemical waste they may process.

Harrison’s Cave is a well-preserved, centuries-old natural ecosystem in the heart of Barbados. Harrison’s Cave has become Barbados’ premier natural attraction for visitors; the site of gully and cave exploration; and, a beautiful natural venue for weddings and corporate and cultural events.