The Hiking Checklist

14th Oct 2019

Are you considering doing a hike with us? Then this check list is the starting point for you.

Choose your Hike… or choose both!

As of September, we’re now the proud parents of two amazing hikes - the Eco Adventure Tour and the Jack-in-the Box Gully hike. For those looking to explore the depths of the cave - and to literally get your feet… and torso… and arms wet - the Eco Adventure tour is for you. But if you want to stay above ground - and a bit dryer - the Jack-in-the-Box Gully hike is the best bet for you.

When do you want to hike?

It is also good to note that the Eco Adventure Tour runs more frequently than the Jack-in-the-Box hike. The Eco Adventure tours may be booked daily (yes, including Sundays) and you havetwo options to do this tours each day: the first starting at 9AM and the second noon. The Jack-in-the-Box Gully tour runs once a month (end of month) and starts at 9AM. Reservations are required for both. The Eco Tour only runs by reservation and it can either be 9am or 12 noon.

Come along now...

No Kids Allowed… sorry

For both tours, only children over 13 years old are allowed - but hear this: children between the ages of 13 - 16 must be accompanied by an adult to be admitted.

What (Not) to Wear…

Athleisure wear and sensible, enclosed activewear shoes are fine for both hikes. While you will be dressing for comfort in both cases, we would advise that loose, billowy clothing is not ideal due to snagging and other impeding risks.

For the Eco Adventure Tour, you will be submerged in water at certain points, therefore, consider wearing an old pair of running shoes or a pair that is good in water for this tour. Also, make sure you’re not carrying your car keys or any other small objects in your pockets that may easily slip out. (Lockers and all required safety gear are provided by the Cave guides.)

Hats, caps and backpacks are allowed for the Jack-in-the-Box tour, and feel free to walk with your bug-spray, water bottles and a small snack if you think it is necessary.

Besides fun, comfort and safety are our #1 priority.

Cameras and Cell Phones

For the gully hike, all cameras and cell phones are safe, but for the cave hike, we advise only bringing waterproof electronics such as GoPros and waterproof cell phones since, you know, you’ll be wading through an average of waist-high water at some point.

Harrison’s Cave is a centuries-old natural ecosystem in the heart of Barbados. We invite you to experience our signature tours and other possibilities on offer, so peruse our Tours & Rates section to find out more information about visiting Harrison’s Cave.