Three Nooks to Explore at Harrisons’ Cave (Besides the Cave!)

1st Nov 2019

Yes, you may have visited Harrison’s Cave in beautiful Barbados and taken a signature tram tour, Eco-Adventure Tour or the Jack-in-the-Box gully hike. But, have you really had the full Harrison’s Cave experience? After you’re finished here, you’ll realize there is much more to enjoy at the cave than just our signature tours. So, here are three nooks you may want to investigate on your next trip to the caves.

The Gift Shop and Valley Floor Kiosks

Need some retail therapy? The Stalactites Gift and Souvenir Shop and the Valley Floor Kiosks are at your service. The former is Harrison’s Cave’s own souvenir shop, located upstairs before the ticket booth, while the kiosks - named after popular fruits found on the island - greet you as you make your way to the Interpretation Centre. Both the souvenir shop and kiosks sell locally made arts and crafts including figurines, clay pots, wall ornaments, jewelry and Barbados branded hats, shoes and bags. There are also local snacks on sale including local biscuits and other confectionary items. But, for Harrison’s Cave Branded souvenirs, Stalactites it is.

The Bar

Don’t be so quick to say goodbye after you’ve wrapped up your tour with us. Besides the kiosks, the valley floor is also home to the Harrison’s Cave Bar, which is ready to serve up its refreshing concoctions tweaked to your liking. So, after your tour, take our advice and check out the bar and have a freshly made golden apple… or mango… or passion fruit juice. Or put a little more hair or your chest with a swig of our Cave Punch and other alcoholic mixes. Tame it a bit with tea and coffee, or a nice glass of milk for the little ones.

The Stone Walk (to the Floor)

Yes, we know, our glass elevators are iconic, but there is a footpath that hardly anyone knows about that takes you to the Interpretation Centre. You may be thinking, ‘…ok, a footpath. Sounds kinda boring…’ - but, hear us out. This path creates a whole new experience on your journey from the ticket booth to the floor. The path is flanked by lush vegetation and takes you down several stairs that end at the road beside the Interpretation Centre. It is a much more scenic, serene route than the elevator, and the gorgeous glow of natural sunlight takes lovely photos. But, make sure you take those photos on the descent, because you will break a sweat on the return trek back to the top!


Yes, yes, yes, we know this is not an actual on-site nook, but trust us it is very worth your while and extremely delicious. On leaving Harrison’s Cave, Celestine’s is the perfect stop off for those looking for an authentic Barbadian lunch or hold-over snack. The proprietor - you guessed it - Celestine, is there and ready to serve you herself. It’s not fast food, so be sure to grab a drink while you wait for your meal! Get more information on everything Harrison’s Cave has to offer at our Tours & Rates tab!